You can get Mergado UI Library aka MUIL here. It contains the following:


Stylesheet is available as both SASS source and compiled/minified CSS. We included basics like css reset, typography, icons and of course styles for individual UI components.

Images / Icons

All (two) images needed are inlined into CSS. Only icons are as extra files.

We use technique called SVG sprite. That means all icons are in a single svg file. We included this file, source svg files for each icons and script which will generate sprite file from source icons, it’s in bin folder.


Checkboxes and radiobuttons are notoriously hard to style. We use some JS magic, to help us with that and decided to share it with you. Just put script tag pointing to this JS script this in your HTML and you’re good to go.

Unless you’re using React or similar framework. In that case, you are better of writing your own component in your framework style.

AJAX / HTML Snippets

Should you add part of page dynamically, for example loaded it via ajax, then our JS will NOT work on that part of DOM by itself. You will have to manually initialize it, but don’t worry it really simple: Just call window.initMUIL() and use that newly created DOM node as this function argument, like this:

// domNode might be obtained via e.g. document.getElementById() or document.querySelector()
// or in any other way, which suits your needs.