We use 14px Roboto with 400 weight as default font. Bold variant uses font weight of 500. For monospace font, we use Roboto Mono, with same settings as default font.

Here is link to Google Fonts.

<link href=",500|Roboto:400,400i,500,500i&amp;subset=latin-ext" rel="stylesheet">

Spacing, alignment

Heading elements (h1-h6) have some margin set by default. Unless they’re first:child, in which case top margin is 0. Or inside header tag, in that case all margins are set to 0.

More extensive text content should be wrapped inside .text-content or .text-block element. Only difference between these is, that .text-block has some extra vertical margin, otherwise they’re affect their children in the same way. Which is:

I would include some examples, but this docs has exactly same CSS rules applied to it, so it’s not really necessary.