Current Version: 1.3

The goal of Mergado XML is to create a standard for transmission of product data between eshops and shopping services for advertising goods. This document explains the specification of Mergado XML, supported elements and their meaning.

Why support Mergado XML

Minimal lost of information when transfering data from eshops to Mergado ensures better management in shopping services. Developers also save time by tracking only one XML specification instead of several that change all the time.


The specification of Mergado XML is depicted in the following table. Note that names of all elements are in upper case notation.

Explanation of the column Values:

Element Description Values Required Repeatable
CHANNEL Root element at the beggining and and of the file. - Yes -
ITEM Represents one product and contains the product’s data. - Yes Yes
ITEM_ID Unique identifier of one product. - Yes -
ACCESSORY Accessory. Links to an ITEM_ID of one product. ID - Yes
ADULT Whether the product is for adults. Bool - -
AVAILABILITY Availability of the product in stock. Possible values are preorder, in stock, out of stock Enum - -
BENEFIT Benefit or a gift for the customer when they purchase the product. Text - -
BRAND Brand of the product. For example, Sony, Panasonic and so on. Text - -
BRAND_URL URL of the web of the brand in the eshop. URL - -
CATEGORY Category of the product. Text - -
CATEGORY_ID ID of the category. ID - -
CATEGORY_URL URL of the category. URL - -
CPC Cost per click. Number - -
CPC_FULLTEXT Cost per click in fulltext. Number - -
CONDITION Condition of the product. Possible values are new, refurbished, used Enum - -
CUSTOM_LABEL Optional label of the product. Text - Yes
DELIVERY_DAYS Number of days to deliver the product. „0“ means the product is in stock. Number - -
DELIVERY Type of delivery service. Contains subelements ID, PRICE and PRICE_COD while ID and one of the others is required. - - Yes
    PRICE Price of the delivery service when the payment is made by bank transfer. Number - -
    PRICE_COD Price of the delivery service when paid on delivery. Number - -
DESCRIPTION Description of the product. Text - -
DESCRIPTION_SHORT Short description of the product. Text - -
DUES Additional fee not included in the price of the product. Number - -
EAN The International Article Number of the product, supported is EAN-8 and EAN-13. Number - -
ENERGY_CLASS Engergy class of the product. Possible values are: G, F, E, D, C, B, A, A+, A++, A+++ Enum - -
EXTRA_MESSAGE Benefit as defined by Zboží.cz. Supported values are extended_warranty, free_accessories, free_case, free_delivery, free_gift, free_installation, free_store_pickup, voucher Enum - -
HIGHLIGHT The product can be highlighted. Bool - -
ISBN The International Standard Book Number of the product. Supported is ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 Number - -
IMAGE URL of the product’s image. URL - -
IMAGE_ALTERNATIVE Additional URL of the product’s image. URL - Yes
ITEMGROUP_ID Variant or group of the product. Contains an ITEM_ID of another product. ID - -
NAME_EXACT Name of the product. This element is often used to pair products with product cards and categories. Text - -
NAME_COMMERCIAL Commercial name of the product. May contain benefits, gifts and so on. Text - -
PARAM Parameter of the product. Contains subelements NAME and VALUE. - - Yes
    NAME Name of the parameter. For example, „Color“. Text - -
    VALUE Value of the parameter. For example, red. Text - -
PRIORITY Decimal number between 0 and 1. Describes significance of the product. Number - -
PRODUCER Producer of the product. If the brand is Panasonic, it might be the producer Matsushita. Text - -
PRODUCTNO Product number. Text - -
RELEASE_DATE The date of official release of the product. Date - -
URL URL of the product in eshop. URL Yes -
URL_ADWORDS URL of the product that includes tracking parameters for AdWords. URL - -
URL_MOBILE URL of mobile version of the product in eshop. URL - -
PRICE Price of the product without VAT. Number - -
PRICE_VAT Price of the product with VAT. Number - -
PRICE_RETAIL Retail price of the product without VAT. Number - -
PRICE_RETAIL_VAT Retail price of the product with VAT. Number - -
SHIPPING_LABEL Optional label for the delivery. Text - -
SHIPPING_SIZE Dimensions of the product in the format: length x width x height. Units: in, ft, cm, m. Text - -
SHIPPING_WEIGHT Weight of the product. Units: lb, oz, g, kg. Number - -
VAT Value added tax, absolute number. Number - -
VIDEO A URL of a video of the product. URL - -
VIDEO_ALTERNATIVE Additional URL of a video of the product. URL - Yes
WARRANTY Warranty length in months. Number - -


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<CHANNEL xmlns="">
    <NAME_EXACT>Victorinox Spartan</NAME_EXACT>
    <NAME_COMMERCIAL>Victorinox Spartan + brousek zdarma</NAME_COMMERCIAL>
    <BENEFIT>Brousek zdarma</BENEFIT>
    <CATEGORY>Outdoorové vybavení / nože / zavírací nože</CATEGORY>
    <DESCRIPTION>Univerzální nůž do přírody a pro volný čas.
    Text dále pokračuje, velmi chytře...</DESCRIPTION>