Current Version: 1.10

The goal of Mergado Product XML is to set a standard for data transfer of product campaigns in e-commerce. This document lists supported elements and describes their purpose.

Why support Mergado XML

Minimum data loss during transfer from an online store to Mergado app enables a superb data conversion and advertising management on comparison shopping sites and marketplaces. Moreover, developers need to follow changes of only one data file specification instead of dozens. This saves their time that can be devoted to online store development.


Element names are in CAPITAL LETTERS

Explanatory notes: • „Text“ values describe regular text. We recommend avoiding control characters such as "# $ ^ & * etc. • „ID“ values support 0-9a-zA-Z_-characters. No differentiation between upper and lower case while processing. • „URL“ values describe a file address according to this standard, that is with http:// at the beginning, without diacritics, spaces etc. • Date values are in the following order: dd-mm-yyyy, e.g. 31-12-2019. • Embedded elements are in the table placed below the parent element and indented to the right. • “Number” values are a sequence of numbers without spaces or other characters. Decimal numbers are separated by a decimal point.

See example of an XML feed below the table.

Element Description Values Compulsory Can repeat
CHANNEL Root tag. At the begging and at the end of XML file. - YES -
LINK URL address of the online store URL - -
GENERATOR Tag at the beginning of the XML. It defines system and version that created the XML. Please contact Mergado to be assigned the ID.      
ITEM Marks a product item. Same as e.g. SHOPITEM from Heureka or Zboží.cz. - YES YES
ITEM_ID Unique product item identifier. ID YES -
ACCESSORY Accessory. Refers to ITEM_ID of one accessory item. ID - YES
ADULT Marks a product intended exclusively to adults. 0 or 1 - -
AVAILABILITY Product availability in stock. preorder / in stock / out of stock - -
BENEFIT Bonus, gift, benefit motivating customers to buy. Text - YES
BRAND Product brand. E.g. Sony, Panasonic etc. Text - -
BRAND_URL A brand page URL on store’s website. URL - -
CATEGORY Product category Text - -
CATEGORY_DESCRIPTION Category text description Text - -
CATEGORY_ID Page ID of product category on store’s website. ID - -
CATEGORY_MAX_PRICE_VAT Price of the most expensive product item in a category. Number - -
CATEGORY_MIN_PRICE_VAT Price of the cheapest product item in a category. Number - -
CATEGORY_NAME Short category name without embedding. Text - -
CATEGORY_QUANTITY Number of product items in CATEGORY element. Number - -
CATEGORY_URL Page URL of product category on store’s website. URL - -
CPC CPC bid Number - -
CPC_FULLTEXT CPC bid in fulltext search Number - -
COLOR Color, used for fashion advertising formats. Text - -
CONDITION Product condition. New / refurbished / used. new / refurbished / used - -
COST Product’s purchase price excl. VAT. Including storage costs etc. It is used to calculate margin. Number - -
COST_VAT Product’s purchase price incl. VAT. Including storage costs etc. It is used to calculate margin. Number - -
CURRENCY A system of money in general use in a particular country. Text - -
CUSTOM_LABEL Custom product label. More than one label possible, custom_label_1, custom_label_2, custom_label_3 Text - YES
DELIVERY_DAYS Delivery time in days. „0“ means in stock. Number - -
DELIVERY Delivery type. Parent to ID, PRICE, PRICE_COD subattributes, where ID is compulsory, followed by one of the price elements. - - YES
ID Delivery type e.g. PPL, DPD, etc. - -
PRICE Shipping cost when paying by bank transfer. Number - -
PRICE_COD Shipping cost when paying by cash on delivery. Number - -
DESCRIPTION Product text description. Text - -
DESCRIPTION_SHORT Short product text description. Text - -
DUES Fees that are not included in the product price. Number - -
EAN Product EAN code. Can be found e.g. on barcodes. Supported standards are EAN-8 and EAN-13. Number, max 13 characters - -
ENERGY_CLASS Energy class of product. One of the values on the right. G, F, E, D, C, B, A, A+, A++, A+++ - -
EXTRA_MESSAGE Other benefits. Allowed values: extended_warranty, free_accessories, free_case, free_delivery, free_gift, free_installation, free_store_pickup, voucher See description - -
GENDER Gender, used for fashion advertising formats. Text - -
HIGHLIGHT Highlight of a product 0 or 1 - -
IDENTIFIER_EXISTS Use if your product does not have a unique product identifier, such as: - GTIN and brand, or - MPN and brand (used for facebook and google formats) True / false - -
ISBN Product ISBN code. Supported standards are ISBN-10 and ISBN-13. Numbers, max. 13 numbers - -
IMAGE Image URL. URL - -
IMAGE_ALTERNATIVE Alternative image URL. This element can appear more than once. URL - YES
ITEMGROUP_ID Other product option. Contains item_id of another item. ID - -
MATERIAL Material, used for fashion advertising formats. Text - -
NAME_EXACT Exact product name. Used for pairing to product cards Text - -
NAME_COMMERCIAL Extended product name. Including benefits etc. Text - -
PARAM Parameter. Parent to NAME and VALUE subelements. - - YES
NAME Parameter name. E.g. „Colour“. Text - -
VALUE Parameter value. E.g. “red”. Text - -
PRIORITY Decimal from 0 to 1. Defines importance of a product item. 1 means highest importance, 0 means lowest importance. Number - -
PRODUCER Product manufacturer. E.g. in case of Panasonic brand products the manufacturer is Matsushita. Text - -
PRODUCTNO Product code given by manufacturer. Text - -
PRODUCT_TYPE Category of your product, as defined by you (used for facebook and google formats) Text - -
RELEASE_DATE Official release date, if the product is new to the market. Date - -
SIZE Size, used for fashion advertising formats. Text - -
URL Product page URL address on the store’s website. URL YES -
URL_ADWORDS URL intended for attendance from AdWords. Corresponds to element adwords_redirect. URL - -
URL_MOBILE URL address of product page mobile version URL - -
PRICE Product price excl. VAT Number - -
PRICE_VAT Product price incl. VAT Number YES -
PRICE_RETAIL Retail price, recommended by manufacturer, excl VAT. Number - -
PRICE_RETAIL_VAT Retail price, recommended by manufacturer, incl VAT. Number - -
PRICE_DISCOUNT Discounted price excl. VAT Number - -
PRICE_DISCOUNT_VAT Discounted price incl. VAT Number - -
SHIPPING_LABEL Special shipping label Text - -
SHIPPING_SIZE Product dimensions: length x width x height. Units: in, ft, cm, m. Text - -
SHIPPING_WEIGHT Product weight. Units lb, oz, g, kg. Number unit - -
SHOP_PAIRING_ID Unique product identifier that can be used to update product information in online store, e.g. via API. Text - -
SHOP_PAIRING_PARENT_ID If the given product is a variant, here is where the SHOP_PAIRING_ID of the parent product should be mentioned. Text - -
STOCK_QUANTITY Stock quantity of each product/variant. Number - -
VAT VAT rate. E.g. 21 represents 21 % rate. Number - -
VIDEO Product videos. URL - -
VIDEO_ALTERNATIVE Alternative product videos URL. URL - YES
WARRANTY Warranty in months. Number - -


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<CHANNEL xmlns=""> 
   <NAME_EXACT>Victorinox Spartan</NAME_EXACT> 
   <NAME_COMMERCIAL>Victorinox Spartan + free whetstone</NAME_COMMERCIAL> 
   <BENEFIT>Free whetstone</BENEFIT> 
   <CATEGORY>Outdoor equipment / knives / jackknives</CATEGORY> 
   <DESCRIPTION>All-purpose knife for outdoor and leisure time activities. The description continues...</DESCRIPTION>