English Czech Description
shopping service srovnávač zboží, zbožák A search engine that shoppers use to filter and compare products based on price, features, reviews and other criteria. For example, Heureka.cz, Zboží, Google Merchant are shopping services.
product, item produkt, položka zboží Goods offered by e-shops.
product feed, data feed, XML feed (XML) soubor obsahující produkty A file (usually XML) containing products’ data.
export, project export, projekt An export or a project is created when users upload new data feed in Mergado along with some configuration how it should be processed.
e-shop e-shop In Mergado, new exports are automatically assigned to an e-shop. Each e-shop may contain several exports.
import, synchronization import, synchronizace The process of loading products from a data feed into Mergado’s database.
application of rules aplikace pravidel The process of applying users’ changes on products to an export.
export of products export produktů The process where products are transfered from Mergado’s internal database back into an XML feed.
input feed, input file vstupní feed, vstupní soubor The feed Mergado downloads and imports into its database.
output feed, output file výstupní feed, výstupní soubor The feed which is created when Mergado exports products from its database in a file.
owner vlastník Owner of an e-shop in Mergado is the user who created an e-shop by importing its first XML feed.
reader uživatel s právy pro čtení A user who can access e-shop and its exports in Mergado.
writer uživatel s právy pro zápis A user who can change how Mergado manipulates products of exports of an e-shop.
selection, query výběr Selections or queries enable users to select only a subset of products in an export.
rule pravidlo Rules make it possible to manipulate products. For example, a rule could adjust description of products by removing unwanted characters. Rules are usually used along with selections.
element element Element represents the name of an attribut of a product. For example, such an attribut can be product’s name, color or price.
variable proměnná Variables are created from elements and can be used in rules as placeholders.
pairing elements párovací elementy Pairing elements are the sets of elements uniquelly identifying each product in an XML feed.
regular expression, regexp, regex regulární výraz A sequence of characters that define a search pattern. In Mergado, this pattern can be used in selections or variables to search for or extract specific information in or from an element’s value.
audit, XML audit audit XML feedu A tool in Mergado which can be used to validate an XML feed. Result of an audit is a list of issues of various seriousness. There are three levels: error, warning and recommendation.
validator validátor Validators are used in audits to inspect products’ elements and values.
issue nález An issues is a failed test of a validator in an audit.
error chyba Audited feed contains serious issues which may prevent shopping services from correct import of the feed.
warning varování Audited feed contains suspicious issues.
recommendation doporučení Only recommendations to consider further improovements of the XML feed.
notification oznámení, upomínka, notifikace Mergado uses notifications to inform users about critical errors in their exports, changes in their tariff and so on. Notifications can be sent via an e-mail or may pop up in Mergado.
application, app aplikace Apps are programs created by external developers which add new features to Mergado in the form of extensions.
production stage produkční instalace aplikace Version (or revision) of an app which is available to all users in Mergado.
development stage aplikace ve fázi vývoje Version (or revision) of an app which is available only to its developers.
format formát Feeds are usually XML files created according to chosen XML specifications. Feed’s specification is called a format.
input format vstupní formát The format of the feed imported into Mergado.
output format výstupní formát The format of the feed exported from Mergado.
input data vstupní data Data of products imported into Mergado which were not yet processed by any rules.
output data výstupní data Data of products exported from Mergado whcih were already modified by rules.
converter převodník Converters are special rules which convert feeds between various formats.
universal product univerzální produkt Mergado’s internal representation of a product in a universal format which helps to convert products between two formats.
input converter převodník na vstupu Converts each product in the input feed into a universal product.
output converter převodník na výstupu Converts each universal product to a format according the output feed.
billing účtování Information needed to construct an invoice.
authentication autentizace The act of confirming an identity of a user.
authorization autorizace The act of defining access policy to a user.
locale jazyk, oblast Defines the user’s language, region and so on.
internationalization, i18n internacionalizace The process of designing a software application so that it can potentially be adapted to various languages and regions.
localization, l10n lokalizace The process of adapting internationalized software for a specific region or language by adding locale-specific components and translating text.
dimension dimenze This terminology was adopted from Google. “Dimensions are attributes of your data. For example, the dimension City indicates the city, for example, “Paris” or “New York”, from which a session originates. The dimension Page indicates the URL of a page that is viewed.”
metric metrika Adopted from Google. “Metrics are quantitative measurements. The metric Sessions is the total number of sessions. The metric Pages/Session is the average number of pages viewed per session.”
release nasazení Make new features or bug fixes in a program or an application available for users.
frontend frontend A part of a program or an application closer to the user, that is the user interface and various server-side code like PHP and JavaScript.
backend backend A part of a program or an application farther away from the user, that is the database and various server-side code like Python.
process proces An instance of a computer program that is being executed.
task úkol, který běží v pozadí A task running in Mergado’s background (backend). For example, import or application of rules are tasks which run in the background (so that users can still intearact with the frontend).
worker worker A process which executes tasks.


Name Description
Mergado Apps A platform for developers who want to create features for Mergado in form of extensions.
App Cloud Server where all applications built on Mergado Apps run.
Developers (Center) A place where developers can register and manage new apps.
Accounts Website where users register and manage their account.
(Mergado) Store A place for users to buy new apps for Mergado.
(Mergado) Keychain A core app where users manage connections with other services like Heureka, Google Analytics and so on.
Markdown Simple markup language easily readable by people as well as computer.
OAuth2 Authorization protocol.
Apiary A platform that provides tools for the design, development, and documentation of APIs.
Sentry Open source web service for error tracking.
MQL Mergado Query Language. A declarative language developed specifically for selections in Mergado.